Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Had Some Dreams, They Were Clouds in my Coffee

Hey, so I dunno if my "readership" would be particularly into this idea or what, but I'm thinking about recording some of my hopes and dreams here. Actually, just my dreams from the night, but holy, they are seriously fucked!! I've started writing them down, and when I try to explain them to people I just sound like a giant idiot. But yeah, they're so, so weird, like some alternate universe movie. I've gotten to the point where I feel like it's a "separate world", maaan; like they're really happening. It's pretty crazy and mildly disconcerting. Anyway, stay tuned. I have no time now.

Happy Sunday! I have done no work for days and days. Total number of things I have read so far this semester: a 100-page play, 5 articles for one class (only because I was forced to for reading responses), and 2 other articles for all of my other 4 classes. SHIT.

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