Friday, January 11, 2008

Daddy Told Me About the Bengal Cats

Bengal cats are an exciting new hybrid breed. I'm not really sure exactly how they work, but it has something to do with an "Asian Leopard Cat" being mixed with a domestic house cat, thus producing the most beautiful of super species. The cats are generally nice-natured in the style of cat but don't forget that they have the fire inside!!! Bengal cats are extra long, with magnificent coats reminiscent of their jungle ancestors. They are also known to take a keen interest in running water.

According to Wikipedia: "Bengals cats vocalize to communicate with their humans [...] cats can be taught tricks such as sit and shaking hands, and go outdoors on leashes for walks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Variations of Bengal cat include: Serengeti, Toyger, and Cheetoh.


coco said...

so good to know, I just got one. She looks exactly like the very last pic on this post. Thanks for sharing!

Anna said...

Hi there :) I just stumbled across your blog page whilst I was looking for pictures of Bnegal kittens. That last picture, of the kitten with blue eyes, lying on his back is exactly the one I want!!! Could you please give me some specifications of the kitten, i.e. is he a variation of Bengal, the name of his coat, will his eyes stay blue, etc? I am based in London and have looked at a few breeders pages but none look as cute as that one!! :D I'd really appreciate as much info as possible and maybe some website links of reliable breeders you might know of?
Thank you very much, Anna :)

michenews said...

hi! i totally haven't checked this in many months, but i'm back now. i apologize for not replying!

anna: i really don't know much about bengal cats, and i found those pictures on google images. so the only thing i could suggest would be to look up pictures and see if that leads to any breeders. good luck! that last one is really cute.

coco: you are ridiculously lucky to have a bengal cat!!!

Treva Cox said...

Bengal Kittens are cute little mini assassins just waiting to steal your heart away, and you can't help but just love them the minute you meet them. They are loads of fun to watch bounce around the house, but there are a few things one should know before going out and buying one.

Bengal kittens