Sunday, January 13, 2008


I might be getting this puppy. His name will be Ernst.

Apparently he's litter trained, which essentially means that he is a cat. However, dogs can't be left alone as easily as cats, fuck! I'm in total anguish as to whether having this beautiful baby animal in my family would outweigh the pain/annoyance of having to take care of him.

-He's a tiny guy and will only reach 6-7 pounds.
-He looks kind of chubby and pear-shaped, which is key.
-He's also obviously very cuddly.
-He has a wonderful "choco/tan" coat.
-I could dress him in plaid hats and name him Ernst.
-He's litter trained.
-Soooo cute!!
-He could most likely join my family's menagerie of animals if he doesn't work out for me.

-But who knows if he would bark a lot? That would be so bad (i.e. neighbours).
-How easy is it to shape a dog into the dog you want it to be?
-I would have to take him everywhere.
-I would have to take certain trains that allow dogs.
-"A puppy is a big responsibility, Michelle!!!"

Apparently the vet said that his testicles are not yet visible...which the words of mommy, the great Dr. Jo:

"Maybe he's...a eunuch? No, what's that called...a hermaphrodite?"


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eli said...

Lucy wasn't kidding..that pup is so cute.
I change my mind.
that's the cutest little thing. We can get you one of those pup purses all the celebs have.