Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I Got a Rocket in My Pocket

Rubbin' by Choclair fat. Saukrates

Toronto circa the year 2000

Points of Interest:
-Saukrates' face in the mirror at 1:18
-Kardinal Offishal's guest appearance!!
-"Bone" being censored out

I remember seeing you in spaghetti straps
Napsack held up by your ass back
When I seen it, I was like DAMN!
Girl, do you have man?
Body look like it was wrapped in saran

You frontin' like I ain't 'bout to knock it
I got a rocket in my pocket
Two tickets to your ecstacy
And one's for this chick standing next to me
If she wit it, I'ma hit it
Baby you is wit it?
I'ma hit it
I'ma hit it

1 comment:

marianna said...

oh shit, that saukrates moment is soooo good!